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1. Who To Tell When You Are Newly Engaged
You are bursting with excitement and can't wait to share your news. Who do you tell first?

2. If You Don't Pick It Up Who Will
Cleaning up after yourself is something you should have been taught when you were a toddler

3. Cancelling an Appointment
Is cancelling the New Black? Cancelling an appointment is not just inconvenient for you. Your cancelling is affecting others. Keeping that in mind is a step closer to cancelling with style.

4. Gifts and Thank You Notes
If you are debating whether or not you should make the effort to send a written note of thanks for a gift you received, you really need to send one.

5. Party Plan for High School Grads
High School Graduation Time Means Party Time

6. The Gracious Graduate
This article is from the Emily Post Institute

7. Bathrooms, Buses and Elevator Doors
A surefire way to irritate the person or people on the other side of the door is your failure to yield.

8. Airline Travel with Children
Many parents believe that traveling with young children is overly nerve-wracking. Sadly, for this reason, many parents forgo a flight anywhere until they decide their children are "old enough".

9. Social Kissing
The handshake is losing ground to the social kiss. What works and why we should consider "to kiss or not?" upon hellos and good-byes

10. Arriving Early to a Holiday Party
If you find yourself with a few spare moments before arriving at a party, consider what you can do before ringing the doorbell. Pick up a hostess gift? Make a phone call? Nothing? Then go ahead and knock on that door. Just be prepared to assist with the party prep.

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